Image Path Logic


Does anyone know the logic behind the images path in cs cart 2.2.1 ?

Example: images/detailed/0/image_name.ext … /1/… /2/… /3/… those numbers will grow? I thought it was something like : if a specific number of files in a dir reach a max limit, then another one is created … but i was wrong … is nothing related to category id or product id, or detail_id…

I have created an additional main product images, but I don;t understand how to implement the corect image_path.

Thanks in advance,

check the bottom of config.local.php

If the ampunt of files in the images directory exceeds the amount posted it will create a new folder(0,1,2,3) for each. Personaly, I just change it to 1000000 to save issues upgrading.

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