Image Path For Import In Cs Cart Ultimate


What should be the path to the images for all stores?

Fot the moment I place images for all stores in \var\files\1\exim\backup\images

In import path it sais by default exim\backup\images

So, if I import stores one by one, it works fine.

If I choose All stores and trying to import, then no images are imported.

Is it another import bug? or I need to place images in different folder?

OK Solved.

If you need to import images to all stores from one CSV, place them to \var\files\exim\backup\images

instead of \var\files\1\exim\backup\images

Thank you for sharing the solution

You are welcome.

Buy the way, this works only if you import several Stores in one language.

Looks like import of multiple stores in different languages in one CSV does not work correct.