Image optimization

Is there an add on that will optimize an image as it is uploaded to my product listing.
I know there are many add ons that do optimizations but I am looking for one that will optimize an image ‘as it is being uploaded’.

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Hello. Do you mean Webp optimization? Our addon optimize images “on the fly”, without any crons etc and support any theme.

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Our module can optimize images on uploading

But it is not recommended due to performance issues. We suggest to run optimization by cron task (e.g. at night)

Hello, termalert!

Our add-on supports this function, please check it out. Setting “Optimize images on load”.

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I think I want one of these, but I don’t know enough to know what is best! I do have Imagik in the back-end per cs-cart recommendation.

I assume no-one has compared each of these add-ons to work out what is best! How does one choose?

Due to my complete lack of understanding I will ask…
why can’t images be optimized ‘as’ they are being uploaded to my store ?
Image source on PC > optimizer > cs-cart

Are you saying that, with your add on, the optimization can be carried out after the images have been uploaded and on the server ? That this cron job thing can do it while I sleep ?

Yes, images can be uploaded “on the fly” and by cron task at required time. Our module uses well-know optimisation service

Thank you for your superlative level of understanding and expertise.

If I have Image Optimizer configured to optimize on upload then why do I need
Detailed Images Size add on as well ?

These modules are created for different purposes.

The Images Optimization module uses well-known algorithms (pngquant, jpegoptim, optipng) to optimize image content

The Detailed Images Size changes image size if height or width of the uploaded image is greater than the specified value.

Back to square one.
I had my site restored by the host from full back up.
Uploaded Images Optimizer v1.5 add on.
Error on install ( again ).
Perhaps the add on is not fully compatible with Cart version 4.16.1

The module has been tested on 4.16.1. Please drop a support request so that our specialists can examine the issue

I tried the support request link before and it didn’t work as in it wouldn’t send the request.
Sent request via your help desk.

Apart from getting this error.
“Request Timeout
This request takes too long to process, it is timed out by the server.
If it should not be timed out, please contact administrator of this web
site to increase ‘Connection Timeout’.”
and ‘add on’ support suggesting “You should contact your hosting support to increase the query/script runtime.” which they won’t do on a shared hosting plan…
it didn’t observe much 'optimization at all.
Perhaps there is only big reduction in ‘large’ images file sizes ?

Our specialists are in contact with you regarding the issue

Thanks in advance. I was using the add-on this morning
and got the same error. If I kept the number of images to 6 then all was fine.
I have since pushed it to 10 per session but it’s still going to be a long hard slog.
Any new uploaded images will at least be optimized as they arrive.
It’s a shame you can’t see the pre-optimized size in the list.
That way I could skip quite a few.

I just returned from shopping and there is a process in action that is optimizing
30 images per session. See image.
It’s not a cron job so who ever it is…thank you very much.

Yes, 3rd party service which is used for optimization has speed limits. So it is recommended to optimize images through cron task, not in browser

If I am happy with the optimization results ( which I am )
can I safely delete this folder or only it’s contents?
public_html/images/backup_images_optimization 2766.75MB
Will it regenerate during subsequent image uploads ?

Happy to report that ecom labs image optimizer add on has solved my
site speed problem.
There were a few other tweeks but it appears that image file size was the main culprit.