Image folder and importing images

I am testing a demo installation and want to import all my products and images before we go live with CS-Cart. Answers to a few questions regarding images will help us confirm our decision to use CS-Cart.

Must all images be in one folder? We will probably have around 10000 images before too long and are starting out with around 4000. On my old server I had around 250 folders which organized the images by vendor and were named accordingly.

Images I added manually to the demo are in the same folder as the demo data:


Is this the standard and only folder for images? If not, how do I set up a new one. Can there be many image folders as on my old server and described above?

Can I ftp images to the server and then import a product images CSV text file with the image's product information and filename to add images? The workflow would be:

  1. create CSV products text file on my computer and import into CS-Cart products table
  2. upload images to CS-Cart image folder/s
  3. create CSV product images text file on my computer and import into CS-Cart product images table

    Is this the way to get everything into CS-Cart or if not, what's correct procedure?

    Thanks for any help.

the backup folder is a temp folder for images to be transferred vis csv, after import CS sorts them all into sub folders of which you set the max value in those folders when you set up cs cart the first time.



Thanks John! That's a big help. When CS sorts them into different folders is there any control as to how this is done or does CS do this purely on the basis of file size or other non-logical attributes (i.e. attributes not based on product information which would be meaningful to humans). Thanks again. I'm starting to get a handle on this.