Image dissappears when you click on thumbnail

Go to this page and click one of the smaller thumbnails below the product image.


For some reason the product imagine dissappears even though each additional image has both a thumbnail image and popup image set. This DID work before and it no longer does. There has been no upgrades other then a few css changes, but those were for the main body (background image, etc.). Can’t imagine that having an effect on this though.


Go to this product page and watch as the page loads. The product image loads, thumbnails below the image loads and then the product image dissappears by itself.


I tried this on both Firefox 3.6.3 and IE 8 - same issue.


In your web page in firefox your js script has as the attached file image.

but on mine it is like this

previewer_thumbs += ‘


91 }

maybe this is what you are missing. dont know how to get it in there though.



The skin didn’t update when I did the upgrade to 2.0.14 so was missing a number of changes/enhancements. Not sure why…but that was the problem.


Did you get it solved? I’m having the same problem.

[quote name=‘Lavenda’]Did you get it solved? I’m having the same problem.[/quote]

Yes. As I said above it was because of changes made to the skin which didn’t get updated when I did a version upgrade.

I set my skin back to the default blue (or whatever you want). Make a copy of your skin that you use. Delete the folder. Then reselect the skin you want. This copies the default skin files.

Then I use a compare program like Beyond Compare to see what files changed and update/edit in my personal changes.


Thanks a lot for the information!