Image Across Top Of Home Page.

Hi guys.

Does anyone know how to replace the image ( with the racing flag ) ?

It doesn’t appear to have a location when I check it’s properties.

It’s in your top.tpl file. Just search for top_image.gif.

Seemed like I just wanted the flag. My goof.

It’s actually the whole panel that the flag sits in.

Perhaps it’s some small gif that’s repeated to form the panel.

It’s still in your top.tpl file.

If you use Firefox as your browser, download Firebug as it is really handy when you want to make these changes and find what does what and where.

I’m not sure whether you want to remove the whole panel or just the grey background. The image is called top_bg.gif.

If you remove the whole panel, you will lose your search box unless you know how to move it somewhere else.

Download Firebug and also have a good look at the top.tpl file and you should be able to do what you want.