Im confused. How do I add to Categories sidebar?

If you look on my site, you'll see the side bar column “Categories”. I am trying to add Cyber Monday to those categories, but it's not showing up. I am going to Products > Categories and I have added Cyber Monday as a root level menu there but its not showing up on the side bar. What am I doing wrong?


Click the cog (block options) of the Categories block. Check the settings of this block. It looks like an HTML Block is in use with these category links created using a table design in the WYSIWYG editor - not one of the Menu blocks as the templates for the Menu blocks generate lists (ie.

  • link 1
  • link 2

When you add a new category it will not be added to this block - your only option is to re-create the block using a Menu block type as these are automatically filled with new categories.

Thank you Stellarbytes. I will re-create the block.