if upgrade crash, how?

just days ago, when I try to revert back from 2.09 to 2.08, I mistakenly clicked the link in the admin page, so the system crashed, and what makes thing worse is I don’t backup the latest database, so I can do is to restore the previous database, which some of our latest products are not included, but anyway, at least I is the most valued part of the website, right?

So I upload the zipped 2.08 directly to the server, delete all the old one except the changes made to the skin, the image fold, and unzip the 208 version, reinstall it and revise the config.local to link the website to the backuped database.

And now everything works.

While if there is any problem upgrade from 208 to 209, don’t worry, follow the steps below:

  1. backup the database;
  2. and follow the steps I took when my system crashed;
  3. upgrade to 2.0.9 in the upgrade center;
  4. upgrade to 210 in the upgrade center.

    I can assure that if these steps are taken, you would get the latest 2.10.