If I click on an order I see 2 two text boxes

One says “customer notes” which shows anything that the customer has typed in to go with their order and the other says “order details”.

Can anyone tell me what the “order details” box is for.

Can I just use it for loose notes about an order for internal use or does it get transmitted to the customer at all.

If it does get transmitted to the customer is there anywhere that I can record notes about an order or a customer that they will never see.

Page - ‘Customer notes’ is where the customer can place notes to you while ordering, and this field is also included on standard emails/invoices. We also use this as a place to put extra notes to the customer when the “shipped” confirmation gets sent to them.

‘Order details’ is where you as an admin can personally makes notes to, the customer does not see them.

That is just what I needed. Luverly jubberly and thanks.

Is there a similar box for a customer account overall. I could not spot anything. I can create new fields but these seem to also have to be viewable by a customer.

Page - None that I am aware of, sorry.