if/else template help

I’m trying to make one little tag within common_templates/mainbox.tpl change, depending on what page is being displayed

Basically, I’m trying to put a header graphic on all our “Info” pages (i.e. About Us, Privacy Policy, etc… the pages in the CMS), and this header stretches 100%. The problem is, mainbox.tpl is putting the content within a table with 10px cellpadding, so there’s a 10px white gap at the left and right.

After a ton of hunting, I finally found the code producing this (in mainbox.tpl), but when I change it to cellpadding=“0”, those info pages look fantastic, but all the catalog pages are now jammed right up to the edge.

SO - I’m trying to put an if/else statement in mainbox.tpl like such

[COLOR="Red"]{if $content == "pages"}



{$content|default:" "}

But I can’t seem to get it to work. I admit I’m no PHP guru, and am only taking stabs at it. Am I approaching the whole thing wrong? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

you have the idea right but the correct way is to use {if $target == ‘pages’}

AH! THANKS so much Sno!!!

Works just like I hoped it would!