Identical article, 3 diffrent colors, but how..?

Hello community.

I got following configuration problem:

In our shop, we have the shoe model “leo” in 3 diffrent colors. I’ve set up the article with option (color) and variants (blue, green, red).

Working well so far, the customer can choose between these 3 colors.

But now, all in all, I have 11 of these shoes, 5 in blue, 5 in green, and 1 in red.

How can the store handle the situation of this individual quantity of diffrent colors?

In practial example, if a client orders this shoe in red, the next client shouldn’t be able to order this shoe in red, because our store only had 1 of this red shoe.

What I am missing is the quantity of variants, where can I set it?

Article “shoe leo” (all in all quantity 11)

  • color blue (quantity 5, but where to set?)
  • color green (quantity 5, but where to set?)
  • color red (quantity 1, but where to set?)

    I think I am not the first seller with this problem, but where can I set this or what’s the best solution?

    Thanks in advance

Make sure your products inventory is set to “track with options”.

In the options window you will see “option combinations”.

In there you will see add combination and here you can define how many is in stock for each colour/size etc.

If you have many many, these can be imported, I havent done this myself but if you go to admin/export and export say 1 of the products you have created combinations for then you will see how to create them in csv file and bring em all in…yeee haaa

see this

[url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation


Thanks buddy for this nice answer.

Export - Import works fine so far how you described, but the result hasn’t changed.

I’ve set in example the amount of the color “red” in the exported csv file to 1, imported again, but I am still able to order more shoes in red color and the client has still this select field to choose color red.

Is there a solution for this? Else, I don’t really understand the sense, why I can set this amount in the csv file. Or did I something wrong?

Have a play with the check boxes below in admin/settings/general

Show out of stock products

Allow negative amount in inventory

Enable inventory tracking

Clear the cache after making changes just in case


Hi John,

played with these options and still no changes.

Actual settins in admin:

  1. Show out of stock products - NO
  2. Allow negative amount in inventory - NO
  3. Enable inventory tracking - YES

    In “editing product - option” I got “Inventory” ticked / selected / YES

    And cleared cache in var/compiled admin + customer


    What I’ve found out, after order a red shoe, the general amount of all shoes decrease by one, but when I export to a csv file, the amount of the red shoe is still set to one.

    I’m out of ideas now… :frowning:

Oh, wait a second, I think I got it working now…

It was the setting in “edit article” —> inventory —> track with options…

Thanks again for you help John, you’re a good guy :wink:

Have a nice week!

NO worries !

I have just seen this, give it a go if any good.



Nice page by the way… actually I think about if we should add the “hide option” modification.

What do you think, your personal oppinion, would it be better to hide the option completly or let the customer choose this option to show him the message “out of stock”, so he can see that we are selling the product well?