iDEAL payments and Dutch Language?


My wishlist for next release (for the dutch users):

-iDEAL payment gateway-cooperation of all major dutch banks (huge!)

-Dutch language pack

I think it’s gonna be implemented in next release, correct?

At least, that’s what i’m told and was the reason i already bought

the program this morning :stuck_out_tongue:

CS-Cart looks/works fantastic after playing around with trial!!!

thank you very much!

That would be ideal indeed!

CS test sinds aug via Buckaroo op een iDeal van ons. Met een beetje mazzel hebben ze dit idd in de nieuw release.

they have finished buckaroo and chronopay (even better:chronopay is fantastic & cheap with iDEAL!!) implementation

and testing afaik.

Now the only thing left is the real implementation directly with iDEAL,

so we’re not dependant of Payment Service Providers (middle men…) as the 2 mentioned above.

but can hook up directly with the banks.

I’ve seen the iDEAL direct payment method already in osCommerce, zen-cart, virtuemart & x-cart,

HOWEVER they’re all MUCH less-of-a-product than CS-CART!!!

Once these payments are integrated, along with my translation (hehe)

and all upcoming mods i read about, CS-Cart is gonna take a leap!!!

Sounds very cool. Don’t know the exact way how to integrate with iDeal directly. Skipping 3rd parties is always good :slight_smile: Aware of any live CS stores in the NL yet btw?

these are the only ones i heard of thus far (not mine!):





anyone else knows more?

Does this Chronopay paymentmodule work with iDeal?

yep, they do

I’m also very interested in this implementation of iDEAL!

Just received a message from CS-Cart that iDEAL will be added in the next version (1.3.5)… see below:

iDeal payment module will be added in CS-Cart v1.3.5 which will be released just in 2-3 months.

And yes, you are allowed to develop a custom module for your CS-Cart for your specific needs.

FYI:i already use the iDEAL Basic implementation for usage with ING/Postbank


Nwsco, did you program this yourself into CS-Cart? Do you’ve plans to turn this into a mod? I’d be very delighted!

Ik hoor graag van je!

it will be in version 1.3.5.

if you cant wait and have an ideal with ing or postbank send me a pm,

i might help you.



My bank has different possible iDEAL products. Two of them are:

  1. iDEAL EASY: NO monthly fee, only EUR 0,70 per transaction.
  2. iDEAL selfbuilt: EUR 400,- startup costs & EUR 50,- monthly fee. and EUR 0,62 per transaction.

    I know that there are differences in online payment modules. One module will directly communicate with a bank, and another needs a third party who confirms a transaction.

    As a startup company, I want to reduce my costs as much as possible, so I want to start with iDEAL EASY.

    I need to know what iDEAL product is integrated in the CS 1.3.5 version.

    Does anyone know which iDEAL product I need to purchase in order to integrate it directly in cs_cart??

    Is it possible to integrate iDEAL EASY if this is not yet the case? I think a lot of dutch startup companies will use cs-cart sooner if iDEAL EASY is possible in the software of cs-cart.

    Hope one can help me with this.