iDeal payment giving me a huge headache

I am getting a headache implementing the iDeal payment option. I have contacted my bank (Rabobank) and gotten iDeal professional. But I see in cs-cart only iDeal buckaroo and iDeal basic (ING)[ING is also a dutch bank).

So I am to assume that using the Rabobank for the iDeal payment isn’t possible?

Who can help me out here because I am totally at a loss:cry:



Hello Martin,

That is why i have applied for an ING bank account.

Too bad because i am with the Rabobank. You will hear from me if it will work, probably this week.



Hello Daniel,

I am extremely interested in your experience. Currently I moved to Buckaroo ([URL][/URL]) and will also place here my experience with them:-).


Well I got it done and am currently using Buckaroo. It was reasonably easy to do and set up.