Hi all,

I am looking to get an Icecat module made for CSCart, unfortunately so far none of the developers I have hired could do it so I asked the CSCart creators themselves to make it for me.

The quotation was $3500, which is expensive but I was thinking others may be in the need for an ICECat plugin too so perhaps we could split the costs?

I have been working on some ideas for the module, let me know if you guys are interested and we can pool our resources.



PM me if your interested in this, I will be looking to get this started within 24 hours.

i found this it seams like a good option to impliment in cscart

Praktiske råd og tips omkring Icecat XML – import – E-commerce content for webshops and distributions channels

just follow the 2 links and get a compleat script that just needs integration in to cs-cart

the same but a bit more esay to look at

Pagina niet gevonden - Roy Duineveld

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