I would like to change the List view to have two columns instead of one

Just as the subject states, currently my list view, is a single long list of products and I would like to change this so that it has two columns side by side listing all the products so that it fills the page more and the customers dont have to scroll so much or go through as many pages. I like the list view as it shows all the information I want shown compared to the other views.

Thank you for your time.

You can set the number of columns in Settings->Appearance

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You can set the number of columns in Settings->Appearance


are you referring to “Number of columns in the product list” if so it make no change to the 'list view'

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This is the site, I have it linking directly to a category, and it is currently set to List for its view, notice how all the products are lining up one by one, I would like it to be split into two columns instead of one.


[font=“Verdana”]Copy the GRID template file for listing, and limit it to 2 items per row.

I did this in an earlier version for a client. They too weren't happy with the defaults.

Good luck![/font]