I want to change the comments and reveiws in CSV

I have over 440 products in one store, however the comments and reviews is on under the administration, but I want to be able to change the Communication and Rating add on to ON for all my products under CSV but when I export it does not have a header for this, is there a way without going through a big mess or going to each product and turning the add on to communication and rating?

I don’t know how to use CSV to turn on the comments and reviews but you can go to your product catalog and change the setting en masse.

Change the default quantity view in your product catalog to 100 products.

Select the first 100 products which should be appearing on the screen and click Edit Selected from the Choose Action link menu.

Deselect all of the options to edit in the pop-up window which appears. Re-select only the option named Reviews.

On the next screen, click the link apply values to all selected products and check the Reviews box then choose your desired option from the Reviews dropdown selections.

Click the Apply button to apply the review value you selected then click the Save button to save the setting to all of the products at once.

Repeat these steps for each page of your products (should only have to do this 5 times with the quantity of products you say you have in your store).

Hope this helps if you can’t figure out how to perform the task with the CSV file.



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