I Want The Old Dashboard Statistics Back

I like the rest of the admin changes and the re-do on the navigation, but the dashboard was a downgrade in my opinion.

I like the fact that on the dashboard you moved the statistics to the top above the latest orders, but you cut out the actual statistics in favor of simple totals.

The old dashboard gave you the ability to see declined/failed orders instantly, as well as total numbers of orders. Those statistics have been removed, and I see no setting for getting them back.

The purpose of the dashboard is to give the admin a quick idea of how the site is doing. Simply having the totals is simply not enough information. The 5 most recent orders is wasted space, because all you have to do is click on View Orders and you see the same thing. It would be nice to remove the 5 most recent orders from the dashboard and replace it with the statistics that were removed.

Also, as a side note, my clients have found the ±% under the totals very very confusing! They have absolutely no reference as to what they represent.

It seems that you took out the most useful numbers on the dash, and replaced them with less useful information…

Hello Yoyoman,

We are sorry to hear that you are disappointed with new changes in the dashboard.

We would like to ask you to post your suggestion on changing the “Dashboard” view to the previous one on the CS-Cart forum at uservoice.com. The detailed information and explanation why this feature is important to be implemented will help it to earn more votes and probably be among the top features that might be added to CS-Cart.

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support team

I'm agree with yoyoman, it's just crazy to have removed this feature…

Like he said, the admin panel was downgraded.

I'm really upset.

My opinion is. The new dashboard is more manageable. And I love it.

But I agree with “The purpose of the dashboard is to give the admin a quick idea of how the site is doing.” also.

So maybe theres a way: Replace the Shortcuts box with statistics.

And move the Shortcuts to the Quick menu.

Totally agree with yoyoman.

Give us back currently missing features from the old dashboard. The current one is downgrade.