I still don't get it

What is the purpose of the top menu and top menu tabs (Home | Catalog | My Account…)?

Maybe I missed it but I looked through the admin and there appears to be no mechanism to make changes to either of these menus.

Apparently these two were put in to make the site look busy because you can’t change any of the link names, can’t change the links, can’t add newly created pages there either. The drop-down under “Company” is a joke since this can’t be changed either. Worse yet, there is a sidebox, looks like a mirror of the tabs but when I add pages they only show up in the sidebox.

Rather than making the site look clean and efficient it just looks like another static Web site where someone forgot to add the page links to the top tabs.

Home is linked 3 times at the top of the site; the logo, Home at the very top, and Home right below it on the tabs!

About us is just as bad listed 3 times; once at the top, from the Company drop-down, and again in the side box.

Are we supposed to be beating these words/links into a customer’s head.

I could go on but holy ****. I asked about this during the beta along with some other issues. Apparently the whole beta was just for show to get more interest in v2 and not necessarily to make changes from - the dev team obviously did not care about issues most beta testers found since I looked through most of the threads and then tested the demo and it appears almost all of these issues were ignored.

I’ll either wait to purchase CS Cart v2, see if any of these issues gets fixed, or buy it in a couple months after finding a coder that can rip the menu system apart and make them actually useful. In this time when adding a blog or even some primitive blog type setup to a shopping cart can add great value to a online business, CS Cart really botched this one.

In the Admin Area go to Design : Then click on Top Menu.

More at [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

You are correct and I just pulled my foot out of my mouth.