i really need some help with parent/child pages

Hi guys i really hope someone can help.

I am trying to setup the menus for my pages but am having some problems.

Simply i have the top menu containing the main areas of the site (parent pages), and when you visit one of these pages a menu will appear on the left showing all the pages within that category (child pages)

ok so i have managed to set that up so its working for the first level. however. when i visit one of the child pages. the menu dissapears as there are no further child pages. but i need the menu to show all the pages in that area.

I hope that makes some sense…

I am guessing i would need establish if the page has no child pages and then reference the parent page somehow to generate the menu again …

Any help would be much appreaciated i really need to get this working…

Thanks in advance.

HI :slight_smile:

I am not sure what you mean here.

I suppose you are referring to ‘Categories’

CS Cart has just made the menu match the Categories and sub categories I create.

The Menu never vanished or dropped. Eg Gemstone Beads, Amethyst etc

Or Creating HTML/Info pages nested within each other (parent - child) also appear and stay clear in the list for me. Eg Contact Us, Shipping etc

Sorry I can’t be more helpful :frowning:

Do you have a site you can show us?

HI and thanks for the reply!

sorry if i am unclear. i always struggle to explain myself properly on forums :smiley:

I am just talking about the info pages as the site isn’t eccommerce (yet) so there are no products…

so i have two menus. a top and a left.

the top menu contains the Parent pages (Defined manually)

The left menu contains child pages (Dynamicly difined)

So you click on the top menu and for that page you have a left menu containing all the child paged of that area…

Now at this stage all is working as it should.

However when i then click on one of the child menus on the left, the menu dissapears because there are no further sub menu’s (child of child).

so i want to know how i can keep the left menu showing when you are in a child page…

Now i know that i can acheive the same effect by using custom blocks and manually setting up the menus for each page. however as some of the people who will be administering the site aren’t so computer literate, it would be a LOT easier in the long run if this could all happen dynamicly. so they add the page and it is shown in the menu automaticaly.

At the moment the site is still in development so i cant really show much as nothings on the live server.

and as i said i can acheive this result another way so i dont want anyone busting balls over it :smiley: if its an easyu change i would love to know! if not then it will just have to be done manually.

Thanks again!


Under Admin - DESIGN - BLOCKS

Is the Sub menu Set (present) under the ALL PAGES tab?

For Example I have CATEGORIES set for all pages.

But our Facebook Banner is only on the Home Page.


yea the menu is set for all pages.

The issue is that it will at current only display child pages. so when you are in the final level pages there are no child pages so the menu doesn’t display. but i want it to show the menu from the previous level…

Oh man this is sounding complicated but its not honest its just hard to explain i think :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

WHat i need it to do is not what it was designed to do i guess. i thnk there would be some coding required to get the menu working as i need but my knowledge is lacking in that department.

Ahh well i will just manually set the menus for now anyway and maybe i willk look into it further in the future. if i get the site up i will show you what i’m on about :smiley:

Thanks !

I do kind of understand what’s happening from your description :slight_smile:

But I don’t have a solution :frowning:

My pages are all on the side (right hand), so when I tried nesting one under the other, they could be accessed no problem, nothing vanished etc

I would assume it’s to do with the menus being separated?!

I gather that each Parent page (TOP) … bring up associated child pages (LEFT)

So that as you chose a parent page, the child pages change