I Need Your Advice About Common Products Addon.

hi all developers i need advice about common product add to cart..

currently common products can be add to cart only product detail tabs.

its really bad idea and not usable i told cs-cart a lot time but they are dont carry about that. team is really skip customer offers.


what best method for fix this issue can u advice me ?

1 -) Replacing add_to_cart hook

2-) using route hook , with this product listing ( category pages ) add to cart will not work.

3-) get products hook. selecting begin sales products.

or your advices ?

how is the way hook to product template ?

You can add "Add to Cart" button as you want, and override javascript to run new "Add to Cart" button.

I think it is ok, how is yours?

have you done add to cart button in common products. Please help me if you done this. I am having same requirement

yes i am done,

yes i am done,

could you please help or its paid

PM me pls