I need to change some SEF settings

Hello all,

My site is Turkish and our language has some spesific characters like “ı” or “Ä°” or “ÄŸ” etc.

When my product name contains some of this letters my product link doesn't get it.

I mean;

Now; For example ;

Product Name: “üğşiıöçüĞİŞçö”

Product Url: “uioecucoe.html” (Some characters don't show up in link like ÄŸ)

But I need it to be like this: “ugsiiocugisco.html”

How can I do that?

Hello stephan4appiah!

You can rewrite urls manually. Please go to product editing page → Add-ons tab → SEO name field (SEO addon must be enabled). We can offer you our custom development service, If you would like to get correct urls automatically.

Best regards, Alt-team

Hi there!

If you would like to generate correct automatic names, you have to check the /core/fn.catalog.php file. In the fn_generate_name funciton contains the charactes.

If you need more information about the utf-8 character list, you can find them here: http://www.utf8-chartable.de/


Thanks for your greate idea, it's help me out.

Hi can i get a detaild guide on what to change?

I live and work in denmark and we have 3 letters that is not support-et in the url. ÆØÅ /ÆØÅ i would like to get thos to work in cs-cart 3 if possible.

i try to change war i found the letter Æ (\xc3\xa6 and \xc3\x86) from default ae to Æ nothing happen it was not able to show the Æ it just removed the letter so i was left whit (from Ædedolk) dedolk