I need to add 10% at product prices ..

I would like to know if anyone knows how to add some percentage at prices ?

I will make a credit card christmas promotion and will be 10% in tax i will put just 5% on the price … so there is any way to apply + 5% at the all products price ?


Within Global options, you can add a 10%+ costing.

but i don´t wanna show any option … or checkbox … or other option there… just price already added 10% … it´s not a choice and i don´t want this informations on the website …

any way to do that with global options ? i didn´t find … if yes please show me how …


I don’t know if this is exactly what you are looking for, but this thread talks about bulk price changing:


I hope it helps.


The easy way to do a “global” base price increase is to navigate through your sql database

Server----> Database----> cscart_product_prices

Run this SQL query:

UPDATE cscart_product_prices
SET price = price*1.10

This changes EVERY price in your database by +10%

Please BACKUP YOUR DATABASE BEFORE you try anything if you’re not comfortable playing around in your database.

why would you want to jack up the prices this time of the year? you should be lowering int!.

Hi! it makes sense to have this option and it has nothing to do with “jacking up the prices this time of the year” For example, if your prices are in a CSV given by your supplier/dropshipper and you must add 10 or 15% profit.

You can either do it in the CSV file before importing the prices or you can have it already set in your database with Mikefold’s solution.

Thank you, Mikefold!

I will sound like a CSV obsessed but CSV import is driving me crazy! Can you tell me how I can also set for all products and as default some fields like:do not track, product quantity 0, available by default unless otherwise specified, that sort of things?

I got this on my site.

I payed CS-Cart to make this under manage products.

i can Add % or xx inn cash.

and i can Choose all the products i like.

Mirnitagl … You got the spirit … for that and alot of another cases …

Hey mike thanks to share your solution with us i will make a test …

JonV can you show your website and describe what you got from cs-cart team and how much you paid ?

I was in vacation thats why i didn´t reply before …


MikeFold can you help me just a litle bit more … how i write the code to take 10% out ?

This code below works fine to add 10%

UPDATE cscart_product_prices
SET price = price*1.10

To do just 5% would be ?

UPDATE cscart_product_prices
SET price = price*1.05

I added 20% and what i want to do is take 5% out …


good question…

you would have to calculate the old price (say 1.00) was changed to (1.10)

Now you raised the 1.10 by 20% (not the 1.00)…

I would [COLOR=“Red”]guess[/COLOR], you need to change the factor to a negative number

(like *.95) or something

[quote name=‘JonV’]I got this on my site.

I payed CS-Cart to make this under manage products.

i can Add % or xx inn cash.

and i can Choose all the products i like.[/QUOTE]

How much did the mod cost?