I need help on TAXES


For some reason I just can seem to get set-up the tax for NYC.

How can I set up the cart to only charge tax for NYC residents?

any help please.

Please, please, please:confused:

Have you read the Knowledgebase article on setting up taxes? You can find it here - [url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

Its no help to me:(

Have you read Chapter 5.5 of the Users Manual.


Also look on Page 407

You need to set up some Locations first via Shipping/taxes → Locations. Set up the zip codes or cities that you want to tax here.

Then goto Shippging/taxes->Taxes, add a tax, click on the Tax Rates tab, you should see the locations you set up and then you can add a tax percent for each zip or city.

If you have further issues, post back and be more specific on what you’re having trouble with.

Wow, thanks to all you guys, now I got it to work.

Thank you again guys.