I need an Alertpay mod for V2.0


I am in need of an AlertPay mod for CS-Cart. I am currently running v2.0.8

I want a mod that works similar to PayPal Payments Pro. It must appear as a regular credit card transaction but payments are processed with AlertPay! This mod should NOT take customers to AlertPay’s website to make a payment and then bring them back to the shopping cart once completed. This should feel like a normal credit card transaction, similar to how PayPal Payments Pro works.

The mod would create an account for the customer and process the credit card like a normal charge. This may or may not be possible but it is important that it works.

If this is not possible, I would like a “standard” mod or addon that will divert the customer to the AlertPay site with the information from the cs cart checkout already filled in for them.

Please let know how much this will cost, I really need this.