I need a product with a price - but no "add to cart"

I want to add a product that has a price, but cannot be added to the cart and does not show out of stock.

My client lists products for sale, but he acts as the middleman. The person who is selling the item only pays a price for listing the item. Therefore, the product that is being sold is not being paid for on the site. My client is acting as the middleman.

I have tried Zero price action: “Do not allow to add product to cart”, however this only works if the price of the item is set to $0. I want the price to show, but not allow the customer to add the product to their cart - and I don’t want this i product to show as “out of stock”. Any suggestions?

Just edit the skins/skin_name/customer/views/products/view.tpl template file and make the changes you’d like. Its quite simple.