I need a mod to automatically Email drop-shipper


We sell a lot of drop-shipped goods and I’m having intermittent trouble with CS-Cart failing to email my supplier/shipper. When I change the status to the proper status code, it is actually emailing my customer instead of my drop-shipper.

FYI: This just started happening a week ago and I haven’t changed anything. At this point, instead of fixing this, I’d rather pay for a mod to circumvent this step (changing the status) altogether and make CS-Cart automatically email the shipper when a drop-ship item is ordered. If that’s not possible, I am open for other suggestions.

I’m willing to pay a reasonable fee for this sort of modification, but I need help as soon as possible.

Email me at anthonyatacreptiles.com - I have a very sensitive spam filter so please make the subject read “CS-CART MOD”

I may also be interested in developing a “lay-away” feature, to allow customers to place a deposit of 25% (or whatever) and then pay the balance in installments. I understand this could be a fairly complicated mod, but I would be willing to spend the money if it works well.

Check your “Order status” settings. Make sure that the “Processed” section has customer email unchecked and supplier checked. (I would want the customer to receive an update anyway) While you are there, make sure the other settings are to your liking.