I need a genius! ;)


I am having some issues on the product configurator. I created a product in the product configurator, added products etc. Just like in the demo site.

However, whenever i load the page in the front end where the product canfigurator is. I get the following error in Mozilla Firebug.

```php document.getElementById(“buttons_line_add”) has no properties

[Break on this error] document.getElementById(‘buttons_line_add’).style.display = ‘none’; ```

And each time i tick a checkbox where a product is located in the configurator i get the following error in Mozilla Firebug and the PRICE is not updated.

```php conf_prod has no properties

[Break on this error] if (product_id != 0 && conf_prod[group_id][product_id] && conf_prod[group_id][p… ```

Any ideas?!

Really?. No one willing to pitch in…

i was test on demo site run on SP1 and mine run on SP2 … and if i put the base price 0 load with some errors… but on demo site work if price is 0 … i was make a tiket maybe soon wil resolve this problem… and i will keep you with some news