I have two vat/tax fields shoving in the cart and invoice


Just doing the last few tweaks on my 2.0.8 installation.

I noticed that on my cart page and Invoice i have two vat/tax fields.

Like This:

I only have one vat/tax set up in the cart. Any ideas on how i could remove this extra entry on my cart and Invoice??

Any help or comments would be greatly appreciated.



Yeah i also want this to remove

For Cart Page, it is only like a Headline. To delete this goto


open the file and delete this line


write me if this work.


Triplex, Thank you.

This solution worked just fine for removing the extra vat/tax filed on the cart page :smiley:

I also did the following to remove the extra vat/tax field from my invoice:

Locate invoice.tpl @ skins\YOURSKIN\mail\orders\invoice.tpl

I then removed the following code at around line 272:




This removed the extra vat/tax field from my invoice also.

I also found that the extra vat/tax filed is displayed on the "Order Info" page that is displayed after the order has been placed. Does anyone know what template i need to edit to remove the extra vat/tax filed from that page also?

Thanks for all the help :D