I have products WITH images at top

Hello all,

Is this normal behaviour?

I sell second hand books in my store and only a few books have images. But now all these products are in the top in the lists. When I view for instance the category history I see a list of books from top to bottom. These were all alphabetiaclly ordered but now the books with images are in the top of the list (still on alphabet) and below them are all other books without an image (they have the standard no_image.gif and still in alphabetical order).

Is this normal behaviour for cs-cart version 2.1.2?

Does noone have an answer for this?

I tried it in the demo on the cs-cart site and there this doesn't seem to happen but that is also a newer version.

Can't you just go in and change the position of the products? Pos. is located to the left of the product code in your individual categories. Probably not the response you wanted but it should work.


I probably could but I am wondering if it is normal behaviour?

Is there no one who can answer this?

Appearantly the question is to complicated to be answered :P . That’s a shame.

I am going to bump this question one last time. Hope someone knows the anwser.

That is weird. I don't think this is normal behavior. Maybe you should email cs-cart about this and see what they say.


Maybe provide a link for us to view the pages that you are having problems on. This is definitely odd, but it might be something simple.