I Have Bought License And I Cannot Make Store Import About A Month Now! Urgent


i have bought a license from third party reseller for this domain


i have the license number but please tell me ewht to do

or you have to make iit today this import!!

it does not working!!!

please do it today i want my customer have the shop tomorrow mornikg!!

enaph time i spent searching how to do it and paying other people!!!

answer me now!

Did the 3rd party reseller give you a link to the CS-Cart help desk ?

Your download may be waiting there.

You can download the installation package here, install trial version and activate your license later

the problem is with the store import!

what kind of problem? You can only use cs cart import for import from cs cart to cs cart and it must be installed on the server (booth)

when you are trying to import from another shopping cart you have to export and prepare csv file for cs cart

you can install cs cart in a su folder…export import abd then install new on root and use store import to complete migration.

What do you see when you add path to the old store in the Store Import? Does it detect your old website?

as i said i am trying to use store import in the same server etc etc

but it stops!

t goes to the 1/3 of proccess and it stops

i tried manually to copy databases etc and it didnt work

databases didnt work when i copied to the new upgrade site

it looks like store import has problems

It is required to check the issue directly on the server. If you are interested, please PM me

Try looking at var/store_import/log

If you see Done on the last line then the import was successful ( even though the

whole process appears to hang ).