I have a serious issue and need help

my site smallenginechainsawparts.com the hosting company deleted all files etc. i am wondering is there a way i can get the store re installed and use my old license key ?

Hello, lawnmowertech!

Please login into your https://helpdesk.cs-cart.com/ account, you should be able to find the CS-Cart archive available for download and your key, which you can download, install and activate with your key.

If any issues arise, we would recommend to contact CS-Cart support directly.

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hey cart power my license key shows on the domain but it shows cs cart store builder plus on it beside the domain name and key but when i try to go where it can be it wants to charge me all over again i cannot locate where to download it at what do i do do i upload from a hosting company thru softuloucous and then update to the plus version what do i do

Go here and download your original version and reinstall

Then go here and copy paste the licence key for it

im having a issue though it says The URL rewrite engine is disabled. Subpath-based storefront URLs will not work

MySQL settings are not valid

×Could not connect to database

×The URL rewrite engine is disabled. Subpath-based storefront URLs will not work

This is a fresh install,if your host has lost evrything. so will need a new database creating.
If the host still has the database and you are using the exact same version then you n3ed to.alter the database username and password aswell as location in the config.local files to match the ones allowed on the database.

i tryed installing the store using softaloucous in cpanel but it only shows the free version it worked like good but i just cannot get it to work on the other

If you go to Settings->Licensing mode you can enter/change your license.