I have a question about multi-store, hoping to get answers here

Hello, everybody,

I just downloaded the ultimate version of the trial of cs cart

I use it for this multi-store functionality,

I have a problem, it is very important, and I hope that we can get an answer here

When I create multiple stores, they must be based on a server (or host)?

I tried to copy the complete program to another server to create a new shop

It is remote link server (master) database

I saw it open very slow (perhaps because of the remote link mysql data?)

At the same time it does not show the pictures, even if I set my product images using the URL address picture

But it seems that it is only through the URL download local picture

Here, is there any solution? Or you can modify the program it supports remote picture as a product

For example: I have two sites (in different server)

www.aaaa.com (master)

www.bbbb.com (sub-station)

www.cccc.com (Product Image Server)

www.aaaa.com, and www.bbbb.com can be remotely picture of www.cccc.com as product images? In my opinion it can solve this problem

In the root of your host, there should be a config.php file. The location of DIR_IMAGES and DIR_THUMBNAILS is defined in this file, presumably this is how others have created a CDN.