i have a problem in define Location


i have two problem and not know this is my problem or Bug in new version of Cs-cart 3.0.5

while i select all countries and all states in right side and click go to left side

after save process all of countries and state repeatly show in right side again(i mean showing both of side )

and about another problem :

i explain this problem with example words

imagine we created

a state with name: [size=5]A[/size]

two location : [size=5]1[/size] and [size=5]2[/size]

two shipping method : [size=5]F[/size] and [size=5]G[/size]

set state A to both of 1 and 2 location

set shipping method F to location 1

and shipping methog G to location 2

my problem is : show only G of shipping method in shipping block in front end area.

and when do change a location 2 content to all countries and all states

then show only F shipping method in shipping block in front end area.

maybe all problem reason is should not define a state for two location.

if yes so whatever how to create whole list and can use for shipping method and show that in front end shipping block

and when we do separate state or country then for use them in another location list (whole list ) what should i do ?

should do the all that shipping method formulla for that locations one by one?

Best regards

Farhad Shahmohammadi