I Closed The Store And Now I Can`t Access Admin Page


i closed my store a few weeks ago, and now when i tried to access admin page i can`t.

I see that even the banner and the message are displayed wrong…

Any ideea?



There is database error on the site. Are there any custom mods done on the site when it's closed?


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The store is manually closed or after certain upgrade?


You can see the source code. There is database error so something must have been changed without your notice.

I have no ideea what should i look for…

Try to uncomment the following line in the config.php file.

//define('DEVELOPMENT', true);

Error message should be displayed.


[color=#000000]Unknown column 'cscart_settings_descriptions.original_value' in 'field list' [/color]b[/b][color=#000000]

SELECT cscart_settings_sections.name, cscart_settings_sections.section_id, cscart_settings_sections.position, cscart_settings_sections.type , cscart_settings_descriptions.value as description, cscart_settings_descriptions.original_value as original_description, object_id, object_type, CONCAT('settings.manage?section_id=', cscart_settings_sections.name) as href FROM cscart_settings_sections LEFT JOIN cscart_settings_descriptions ON cscart_settings_descriptions.object_id = cscart_settings_sections.section_id AND object_type = 'S' AND cscart_settings_descriptions.lang_code = 'ro'WHERE 1 AND (FIND_IN_SET('ROOT', cscart_settings_sections.edition_type) OR FIND_IN_SET('ULT:ROOT', cscart_settings_sections.edition_type) OR FIND_IN_SET('VENDOR', cscart_settings_sections.edition_type) OR FIND_IN_SET('ULT:VENDOR', cscart_settings_sections.edition_type)) AND cscart_settings_sections.type IN ('CORE') ORDER BY cscart_settings_sections.position[/color]

Error at

[color=#000000]app/Tygh/Database.php, line: 639[/color]


File: app/Tygh/Database.php Line: 322 Function: _error File: app/Tygh/Database.php Line: 125 Function: query File: app/functions/fn.database.php Line: 42 Function: getHash File: app/Tygh/Settings.php Line: 339 Function: db_get_hash_array File: app/Tygh/Settings.php Line: 183 Function: _getSections File: app/Tygh/BackendMenu.php Line: 200 Function: getCoreSections File: app/Tygh/BackendMenu.php Line: 66 Function: _getSettingsSections File: app/controllers/backend/init.php Line: 98 Function: generate File: app/functions/fn.control.php Line: 592 Function: include File: app/functions/fn.control.php Line: 380 Function: fn_run_controller File: admin.php Line: 26 Function: fn_dispatch

We are not sure why this column was deleted from the database. Did you try to make an upgrade?

If you are familiar with phpMyAdmin, try to add this column to the cscart_settings_descriptions table.

Name: original_value

Type: text

Not null

Thank allot for your help!