i cant upgrade to 2.0.9

help i keep getting errors i can’t do it manually because theres no package. can i just install 2.0.11 and restore my database to it?

hey guys i was trying to update to 2.0.9 and so on so forth but had couple of problems tried to handle it did a horrible job now my site is broken and i cant restore. because i didnt take file backups. i went to cs-cart to find version 2.0.8 it wasnt their… HELP!!!

hey guys this is the deal. I backedup my data tried to upgrade 2.0.8 through helpdesk had many issues the reverted then went on the help desk to do it manually the files were missing. now i restored my server. to previous date then restore my data to it. now for some my admin area works but customer doesnt. is their a way i can install a fresh 2.011 and restore my 2.0.8 data?

nevermind i fixed everything… but still stuck on 2.0.8

[quote name=‘akmarket’]nevermind i fixed everything… but still stuck on 2.0.8[/QUOTE]

You got alot of help eh? I"m having issues with 2.08 to 2.09… had to delete the 2.09 update in my /upgrade/ directory and try it again. says it’s done okay. but as soon as I run the store, I get database errors. I was able to revert… thankfully!

Oh well.