I Cant See In The Code

I have this rogue Character https://prnt.sc/FEijIIzKswlC

And I cant see it after looking and looking Im going word blind...can anyone tell me where it is please in this code

{{ company_name }}: {{ __("change_order_status_default_subj", {"[order]": order_info.order_id, "[status]": order_status.description}) }}

{% if order_info.firstname %}{{__("hello_name", {"[name]" : order_info.firstname})}} {% else %} {{ __("hello") }}, {{ __("customer") }} {% endif %}

{{ __("change_order_status_default_text", {"[status]": order_status.description}) }}

{{ include_doc("order.summary", order_info.order_id) }}
{{ snippet("footer") }}]]>

I think at least you can remove


As theses are junk from upgrading

check your order summary document, could be there at the very beginning?

Along with the Order Summary document, please check the change_order_status_default_text language variable.