I can't decide!

So it took me three weeks to finally decide on CS. This will only be my second store (first is a 3dcart store) though I have several that I need to complete. So, is it foolish of me to start with the 2.0 beta in expectation that a stable version will be released by Mid-Feb (when I need to launch)? The practical thing would of course be to use v1 and then migrate but 2.0 seems just so… well. Anyone else having the same issue? Recommendations?

If you are serious about launching in Feb, you better go with v1.3.5.

I wouldn’t bet my farm on a beta product with an aggressive time line like that.

yea launch your store with 1.3.4 sp4 and upgrade later when 2.0 goes stable, note the upgrade will only be a database upgrade as the architecture of the cart has changed so much an upgrade otherwise is not possible…

Thanks for the advice. Will do.


What is included in a Database only upgrade? Would Global options be included, Shipping and Credit Card configurations.

Not sure at want point I would be wasting time with the current version sp4.

I know I could probably forget about any mods and customization.

I feel at this point, the only work I can do in the current version is add the product names, weights, maybe images and description. All the text field personalization options, many dependent on a newly develop mod would have to be added much later.


I am also curious, as I need to do a cart for some, populated & running in 24 hours or less…but I don’t have time for bugs…

[quote name=‘pbannette’]Hi,

What is included in a Database only upgrade?[/QUOTE]

I’m assuming everything in the database would be upgraded to 2.0 compatibility.