I can see a past upgrade but my version is still old?!

I upgraded to 2.1.4 a while ago and I can look at the upgrade in my admin… but it’s coming up asking me to upgrade to 2.1.4 again.

On my live site it says the version is 2.1.3 even though there is the installed upgrade.

On my dev site it says 2.1.4 even though these sites are the same.

It seems to me like maybe there is a small setting wrong somewhere on the live site I can tweak to get it to recognize the installed version?

Config.local.php or config.php

Hello Mattyturner,

Please try to refresh packages list on your site. To do it, click on the “refresh packages list” on the “Upgrade center” page in the administration panel of your store.

Anastasiya Kozlova

CS-Cart Support team