I am looking for customer received confirm order add-on

Hi all
Is there an add-on that allows us to track a customer’s order and confirm it by clicking a button in the account menu? I’ve attached a photo I took from Shopee.
This add-on will assist us in confirming orders sent from the vendor to the customer.

We have the equipment you need, but this is a comprehensive solution consisting of a complex of modules.

Logistics module - it is responsible for the logic of warehouses; Order assembly modules, they are responsible for the interface and logic of packaging goods; + translator of transport companies - and it is responsible for integration with the modules of calculation and ordering in the delivery service; calendar module, it sets the working time of the warehouse in days and hours.

You can find more information on our website.
Write to us in telegram to discuss the details

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If you do not find ready-to-use solution, our team is at your service

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