I Am Looking For A New Hosting Package ?

Hello All,

I am here over in the UK and have been hosting with a company called “Fasthosts”, I have had no end of trouble with them and have now closed the account !!

I have only got about 10 domains to transfer, I am looking for a decent re-seller hosting account.

Suggestions Please !!! :smiley:

Hawkhost Has already been suggested and I am currently thinking about signing up, any thoughts on them?

Wiredtree have been advised to be in the past although I cannot provide any comment on their services as I’m yet to use them.

I’m hosted with CyberLNC which (to my knowledge) doesn’t provide reseller accounts, I could be wrong however

Had a long online chat with “Brian” at Hawkhosts and they seem to be a growing company but with immense knowledge, he talked to me for over 40 minutes and said that any problems I had they would be happy to help me resolve them :smiley:

Read loads of reviews from happy customers and can say that it looks like I will be hosting with them :smiley:

You might want to talk to:



He runs hurstpark which is a UK based consulting and provider organization. He knows the lay of the land in your part of the world when it comes to web based business is an excellent resource. If they are not a precise fit for you, I am sure he will steer you in a solid direction.



CLOOK They are fantastic and well priced.