I am back but no longer with CyberLNC Hosting

Hello again everyone

Background: I stepped away from my position within CyberLNC 8 months ago because of personal issues that I needed to deal with.

I have returned this month to find that it is no longer the same company I founded and built. It’s principles and ethics have degraded terribly in the past months and I am upset by this.

My partner and I could not come to an agreement on how this business should be managed and (most importantly) how clients should be treated so I have decided to take it upon myself to start a new company built upon my principles.

Those of you who remember me, will recall how important client interaction was to me, I plan to once again offer that support to my future clients. You will remember that I used to spend most of my time tuning the servers to be compatible with CS-Cart while ensuring to best in performance and security.

For those who do not remember me I’m sure some of my older posts still remain in this database in case you would like to do a little research.

Secure Cart Hosting www.securecarthost.com is my new venture. This website is still under construction and much more content will be added as time allows.

I have just aquired 2 new Core i7 servers that are now ready for clients and will also be offering fully managed dedicated servers in the near future. Managed VPS systems are also available but I have decided to promote VPSNET for these solutions because they have a very solid redundant cloud network that services both US and UK merchants. I can supply the setup and management of these servers for you if required and offer a discount for this service listed on the site.

I already have additional cs-cart support help ready and am planning to constantly improve our ability to manage client support needs.

If you have any questions please contact me via email or post in this thread.

Scott Combs


We wish you all the very best for the future Scott.

Martfox Web Hosting,


Just left CyberLNC and saw your post. Amazing, I did the very right thing.

Scott, we do sincerely appreciate the hard work you have put in over time at CyberLNC.

However, our decision for terminating our business relationship with you, though

a difficult decision to make, was one made with substantial reason.

We do wish you all the very best on your future ventures wherever they may lead.

CyberLNC Web Hosting


Very nice PR move David but entirely inaccurate… Shall I share the absolute truth publically including the evidence I now have of what is going on behind the scenes at CyberLNC?

It’s important for the remaining CyberLNC clients to know how much risk they are now taking but you are displaying this daily regardless so it’s only a matter of time before they all realize.

Best of luck to you!

Wouldn’t it be better if both of you didn’t make this thread into a cat fight?

Gratulations, S Combs, with the new startup, and I agree with the statement about VPS.net. They rock!

I just want to say that a company whit a wrong “customer politic”, doesn’t matter if it is a web hosting company or another business, will kill them. To start a business nowadays is very, very hard… I hope it’s known by everybody and a good relationship with “partners” is the deal.

And as well as it’s not another case regarding Martfox Web Hosting. Behind Martfox are 3 “Big Guys” companies and without them, the name “Martfox” in web hosting business wouldn’t make any weight.

So is the reality, and Martfox grows every day… thanks satisfied “customers”…

Thanks eplebiten. I certainly don’t want a mudslinging match here but there is a large behind the scene issue between CyberLNC and myself at the moment and I’ll just leave it at that for now.


You seem to post in every thread you find to advertise this Martfox hosting most have never heard about. Well, you do a great job of advertising but there is very little comparison between that company and what I offer so will you please stay out of my threads unless you have a legitimate meaningful reply?

I mean no offence but, I have hosted more CS-Cart clients than nearly any other host and have developed a very solid reputation for doing so over the years. I gained most of these clients by freely helping them when needed and not by advertising at every opportunity so I suppose that is why I am annoyed with your posts in this thread. I would love to leave it at that and develop a professional courtesy between our companies. Fair enough with you?

welcome back Scott! I like the layout of your new site.


Looking forward to using you. I have had terrible experience dealing with the extremely rude and arrogant people at CyberLNC. My clients have forwarded me some emails from CyberLNC tech support and I was appalled at the lack of professionalism. I still have two sites with them that I might move in the near future.

By the way, I ignore all posts by Indy0077, they all seem to be advertisement. Sometimes I think she should be banned.

[quote name=‘S-Combs’]

I mean no offence but, I have hosted more CS-Cart clients than nearly any other host and have developed a very solid reputation for doing so over the years. [/QUOTE]

Yes you did and where did your customers end up?

Personally I was considering a switch glad I did not.

Sorry but I think you do not have any reputation right now.

[quote name=‘Triplets’]By the way, I ignore all posts by Indy0077, they all seem to be advertisement. Sometimes I think she should be banned.[/quote]

Hi Triplets,

when I post some Martfox offers, then they are “offers”, when I post an answer to an user question, then it’s a related “answer”, not advertisement.

[COLOR=“Red”][SIZE=“7”]Stop the arguing![/SIZE][/COLOR]

Scott did and will have a substantial input to this “community”!

The forum was short of his intelligent, none biassed, selfless opinions and solutions.

There is a facility on this forum for mud slinging and cat fighting! It’s called PM so use it and keep the rest of us free from the degrading squabbling!

On a personal note…

A very warm welcome back to you Scott and I wish you every success! :stuck_out_tongue:


I certainly wish you the best in whatever endeavor you choose. We have traveled many a road over the years and you know to what I am referring.

As a Moderator of this forum I have to say that yours and CyberLNC’s relationship and indeed past threads involving CyberLNC have been contentious at best and have taken up space on this board better served for CS-Cart’s mission.

That having been said I hope this will be an end to it.

Roban, how about moving this whole thread to third pary services where it belongs.

S-Combs was just letting everyone know that he had started a new company/webhosting service.

People dropping in and counter-advertising right away was lame at best.

Personally I think it gets pretty boring reading all the spam in these forums. If you have a service, put it in the appropriate place. If I need a service, I’ll go look there for you, otherwise keep it out of the general help areas.

And yes, I do realize the intent is for you to pick up more search engine links with every post. Go pay to advertise like the rest of us have to do.

i would like to say scott has helped me in the past which does not go unscene . also rob has helped me alot also so has jesse gave me pointers and some others on this site which i thank them for there support