I am at my wit's end and support can't help

My cart ‘was’ humming along just fine until I imported 900+ items from my Shopify store with the view of using my CS-Cart as my new home. It had been left on a FastComet server while I went to Shopify as it was the only way we could use a BNPL service.
I decided ( actually I thought so all along ) that BNPL was not an ethical system.
I had a few products on the CS-cart and it was humming along just nicely until I moved all the products from Shopify and spent 3 days manually categorizing 900+ listings. Single items with no variations.
Since then my cart has been running poisonously slowly.
Everywhere I look people want big money to basically just ‘look’.
Support haven’t been any help. They are great people but I just can’t afford their new ‘expensive’ support packages. Gone are the days when they would quote.
It’s sad that I have to now look elsewhere because I still believe that CS-Cart is the best ‘out of the box’
cart available.
I just can’t understand why my cart has suddenly become slow.
In this day and age of diagnostic software why isn’t there one that can check out a CS-Cart ?
Just my ignorance of all things code speaking I guess.

Feel free to contact us. We can examine your store


We are providing the support of Cs-cart, You can create a ticket :Sign in - Ecarter Technologies | Cs-Cart Plugins


I see that you have contacted us about this case, but have closed the ticket before we have responded. In any case, we will examine your installation and try to give you some advice on how to improve performance.

Sorry about that. You have since provided advice on the most likely cause of the slow down ( truck loads of 2+mb images ) and advised how to remedy the situation.
Thank you.