I've Purchased A New Theme - How To Install On A Pre Exisiting Site?

Hi guys

We've bought a new responsive theme for our website.

I've tried to hire a couple of freelancers to install it, neither could and said it was quite a big job.

Is this correct?

If so, how do I use this new theme.

Can anyone here install it for a fee?

Is your theme made for cs-cart? Or else design integration will be needed and it's indeed a big job.

Usually a theme install is a 5 minute job.

Unless you have a heavily modified site. Then it's probably impossible.

What version is your cart. Are there any mods. And where did you buy your theme?

Also the theme sellers usually charge like $20 to install the theme for you

Yes the theme is for CS Cart and the correct version.

Kogi, I've hired two freelancers now who couldn't do it. It isn't a simple 5 min job, as much as I'd like it to be!

The theme seller actually offers to install the theme for free…on a fresh install of CS Cart.

The theme bought is the correct theme for the correct version of cs cart. V 2.4


There are no major mods on the exisiting site, Google Trusted Stores and a Live Chat plugin.

This is the response from the theme creator on can we integrate into our site…

“Our theme (and any other custom theme) isn't compatible with all third-party themes by default. You often (not always) need to customize the theme to make it work properly with your theme. It's impossible for theme’s author to make the theme compatible with all existing themes. Only default theme is compatible with all other themes, because all themes are designed to work with default theme. Most common case is a conflict if the other theme and the existing theme override the same default template file. In such cases you need to customize conflict theme and merge extension into theme template.”

May be the issue is in your CS-Cart version? I do not see any mentions that this theme is compatible with CS-Cart version 2.x. Please advise.

Sorry, I put my wrong version in haha, I am on 4.2.4.

Did the other 2 freelancers say why they couldn't do it. It seems straight forward. If it doesn't work on a 4.2.4 site and they say it is 4.2.4 compatible then I say you have a good case of getting a refund

Hire someone on this forum to perform the installation. Freelancers is not a good choice.

I think Luke has emailed your team eComLabs :)

[quote name=‘SeanDigitalSave’ timestamp=‘1431611206’ post=‘214392’]

I think Luke has emailed your team eComLabs :)


Yes, we received his e-mail. Thanks.