Huge Url Mess After Upgrade From 4.1.5 To 4.2.2

Thanks so much! You make it sound so easy. :-)

I’ll try this later and report back. If I can get it to work it should save a lot of time.

OK I successfully ran the query and it fixed everything. THANKS SO MUCH everyone! You guys are the best!

Glad you got it fixed… :)

And now the question to cs-cart is, why did this happen in the first place… it’s ridiculous!

It's happened every time I've upgraded CS-Cart!!

For days, even weeks after an upgrade, I monitor my Google Webmaster account for crawl errors caused by the update and try to fix them. It's a LOT of wasted time.


Here's the graph of crawl errors after the update.

[attachment=8412:Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 6.01.24 PM.png]

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 6.01.24 PM.png

Not strange at all. They test with the demo store. They code to a spec for areas they can't test internally with the demo store and when there are bugs, it's time to wait for customers to find them and report them, then wait 6-10 days for a response and longer for a fix.

If they are so overloaded, then that should be an indication of quality and they should increase the staffing till things settle down.

What I did when I was a director of development is that developers worked in support until defect rates fell below a certain level. That caused them to do a better job on the front-end of the development cycle and not just dump things over the wall when the release date approaches. It also addresses the staffing issues, but also delays development of the next release.

I totally agree Tony… but as far I can tell kingsley is about the only one that has this?

Was this reported as a bug?

Wish I saw this before upgrading this morning! I found out via web stats 404 reports that the last upgrade (4.2.1 or prior?) broke existing page URLs by removing the trailing slash search engines had indexed so I added some 301 action to my HTACCESS, Then along comes 4.2.2 which fixes/reverts that issue and now generates new issues. SEO seems to have never worked correctly with CSC…

Looks like I'll need to monitor 404's and check Google links yet again…


[!] {#5159} Addons: SEO: Trailing slash was missing in the URLs. Fixed.

[!] {#5149} Addons: SEO: Rich snippets: Rating-related tags were generated if product had no rating. Fixed.

[!] Store import: company_id for the features SEO names were not reset to 0. Fixed.

[quote name='Flow' timestamp='1410594971' post='192166']

Was this reported as a bug?


No. If I'm really and truly the only one there's no point. They would just say they can't reproduce it.

Besides, I'm not planning on staying with CS-Cart much longer so it's doubtful I'll have to go through this mess again.

this thread fixed this SEO problem… but the other problem I had which was sooo frustrating was the update dropped my seo table, clearing all my custom dispatch values and resetting all my pages and category seo names, which generated a huge number of 404's. I ended up having to restore the seo values from my sql backup and manually update each of my pages to build a new 301 redirect, which seems to be new way to do things now in this release.

Nothing like a 10 minute update with 6 hours of clean-up work… grrr