Huge Number Of Csc Files In The Cache

Hi - can anyone tell me if I have set a configuration incorrectly or is there a problem somewhere?

The site has about 3000 products set up in catalog mode (no shopping cart). The last site backup showed 106,000 .csc files in over 10,000 folders (folders names begin with block_content_ …, files begin with EN_ …) and are in the [size=4]var/cache/registry.[/size]

[size=4]And the number of files is still growing. Is this normal or have I set a configuration or done something wrong?[/size]

I would say you definitely have something wrong but would probably require investigation to determine.

Review your languages and turn off those you really don't need to support.

Check that your filters are setup correctly and are not so many layers deep that it takes 1000 files to define filter instances.

Turn off any currencies you don't need to use.

Review what blocks you are using and ensure that any related to products/categories are what you expect them to be and limit the pages they are exposed on. I.e. don't show a unique block on every page that uses random products or categories.


Did you contact support team? I think, you are not a first person with this issue.