Https In Cs-Cart - Easy Or A Nightmare?

Hi Guys

I have an ecoms site on HTTP. It is in version 4.2.3.

My client wants to upgrade to HTTPS.

I can buy a certificate and allocate that to the domain space on my hosting package, no problem.

My question is, how complicated is the process inside CS-Cart? There is a check box in Admin to select HTTPS. Has anyone done this and was there any issues I need to know about before I go ahead and try it?

I use Moneris payment gateway, and don't record CC in the website. It works fine on HTTP but I am worried things are going to break in the site after enabling HTTPS.

HTTPS is working great, if SSL is installed correct and is working fine then the CS-Cart will work just fine

So did you move from HTTP instal and update to HTTPS or were you HTTPS from the start. I wanted some feedback from those who have been through that process.

Easy. I made the move last year to full https. I already had a cert and was only using https for cart, checkout, etc.

However, since your version is 4.2.3, do note that there were some issues with the SEO addon and https that were corrected around that time.

There was no secure full site option in version 4.2.3 (added in 4.3.x), so you will need to make a modification if you need whole site to work via HTTPS: