Https Configuration

Hi guys,

I've recently purchased a SSL certificate and switched my entire webpage over from HTTP to HTTPS and there's a few minor issues i would like some help with please. This may also help many users who have also switched over

First of all, do i still need to enable the CS Cart SEO addon now that i have a SSL for my website?

Is there any re-configuration i need to put into any file to shorten the URL length? At the moment my URLs are quite long and messy.

Do i need to change the following code in func.php ?

if (defined('HTTPS')) {

return false;

Also after failing to create a sitemap, XML sitemaps got in contact and told me that the following meta tag is blocking my website to search engine robots. I found this code in the meta.tpl file but i wasn't sure if i need to change or remove this code.

After reading past posts on the CS Cart forums, I also noticed that many people were debating if the following code should be removed or changed. This i found in the file. I'm just not sure which one to change.

{if !$smarty.request|fn_seo_is_indexed_page}


One last thing, how would my 404 custom page be effected with https?

feel free to visit my page at

Thanking you in advance


Sorry that first question was meant to read... do i need to enable the CS Cart SSL options in general settings now that i have an SSL certificate for my domain?

The “Seo” add-on is very important for a search engine that is why its disable is undesirable. At the moment a web crawler visits pages with https protocol, so there will not be duplicates with http protocol. Therefore, the indexing will be without changing the code. Also it is necessary to make all links as relative.