HTTPS and IE removing Capital Letters

Ok, this is the weirdest thing and I can’t figure it out. For some reason once IE enters into the https of my site, it removes most of the capitalization.

To reproduce this do:

Use IE

Go to

add a product

view you cart

You will see that all the capitalization from the menu and main content are all gone.

Does anyone have any ideas why this would do this? For the life of me I can’t figure it out.



That is very strange Brandon!

Add item to cart and text changes to lowercase, remove item from cart & it changes back to uppercase… :confused:

Is there a statement someplace within your CSS files related to the cart which forces the text to lowercase? Or is there some code in your cart template file making the switch?

Btw, as a sidenote, I do really like the looks of this site, very clean, easy to read, non-cluttered & to the point, nice job!

Well, I finally figured this out. I can’t believe how big of a pain it was. I’ve spent a ton of time on this, but finally got it.

First though. I didn’t do this design. I wish I did. If I was the one to do this, I wouldn’t be having issues like this. The site does have a good design, but the way it was put together is horrible. It makes it a huge pain in the ass to make any changes or find any problems.

Anyways, the designer who did this before left out a

In skins/austere/customer/views/checkout/components/cart_status.tpl

He had:

{$smarty.session.cart.amount} {$lang.items}

I changed it to:

{$smarty.session.cart.amount} {$lang.items}

I doubt this will help anyone else in the future, but maybe it will.

Thanks for your feedback though Struck.