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Who We Are

We Started Repair Service in 2010.we take advantage of our experience to hold full of repair parts supplying directly to our customers.We offer reliable parts, timely delivery, competitive price, and full sales support on the Smart Phone,Notebook,Digital Player,Repair Tools,Wireless Products and essential accessories with in-house sourcing and updat on-hand inventory every can know what sold out,what new stock come immediately.We accept small orders online and huge order in off-line with professional sales representative to close the distance from customers between us.

We service clients in US, Great Britain, German, Australia, Japan and markets spanning the globe. We ship reliably, on time, and stand ready with professional staff eager to answer both technic and logistics questions. Special Requirement was considering by us for ebay seller,power seller or Customs-Strictness country.

Registered Company Name:Union Repair Technology Limited

[size=3]Registered Company Number: 1659090[/size]

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Why Choose us[list]

[]We take pride in always being one step ahead of the competition,our skilled techs can do some amazing things with electronics,do carefully checking,testing to avoid ship out any defect products.

]All Orders will be shipped within 2 days as normal with good package.

[]We Offer 90 days warranty even 180 days for some service parts.

]All Serviced Stuffs will be returned in the same day.


Contact us

Union Repair Technology Limited

HK Office Address:Unit 5,27/F.,Richmond Comm.Bldg.,109 Argyle Street,Mongkok,Kowloon,Hong Kong

Tel: (852)-8226-6113 Fax: (852)-8226-6113

Service Centre & Warehouse Address: A6-103 Minkang Garden,Minzhi Village,Longhua Town,Baoan District,Shenzhen,GD,China,518109

Tel: (86)-755-23141895 Fax: (86)-755-23141895

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