Http Vs Https Problem


in my 2.0.12 shop there's https on order placement, but also when you make a link with https with a page or a product URL it works too (like when you make a preview from the backend, it goes to https), but as "nofollow" & "noindex". It sometimes creates chaos in Google indexing and interlinking.

I am not exactly sure how does this work in cs-cart or in general, should I make a redirection from https to http or the other way round? Where is it setup in the code that https is "noindex"?

Any hints how this problem should be tackled would be much appreciated!

Start here with your store number BUT MAKE SURE you add 301 after the R as the kb is wrong otherwise you will lose link juice

ie not [R,L]

but [R=301,L]

edit : sorry missed link

noindex, nofollow parameters can be controller in the following file:


and the fn_seo_is_indexed_page function (addons\seo\func.php)